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What's the process to get a quotation?
Please offer the design or samples, purchase amount and raw material of products. If material is unspecified or unknown, please describe the working environment and application range of the product. We will provide appropriate material and processing technique according to the specific requirements of the customer.
Can Jing'an provide reasonable suggestions for products designed by customer?
We can provide related reasonable suggestions in initial design phase, so that products of customers can pass the last test.
If a customer is not sure which raw material or hardness to be chosen, what's to be done?
Relying on 17-year experience accumulated in rubber industry, we will help customers to choose the most appropriate raw material and hardness for their products.
What is the lead-time when a customer place an order to make a new molding?
The average lead-time for prototype molding is 2-4 weeks, for production is 2-4 weeks. If the time of delivery is urgent, we work with our tooling shop to meet customer requirements.
What is Jing'an's part lead-time?
We can deliver the goods within 1-2 weeks from the date on which the customer place the order. If a customer orders regular parts in stock, we can deliver the goods at any moment.
Can Jing'an use exist molding?
If do not change the size of the exist molding, we can manufacture and process products for customers.
Who own the molding?
Tooling is custom to our customer’s design and therefore the property of our customers once payment is received. We just manage and maintain them on customers’ behalf. If a customer wants to change the size of the mould, mould-changing fees should be paid by the customer. If the mould is worn during manufacturing or processing, we will pay for the maintenance.
If a customer orders rubber-to-metal bonding, can Jing'an can source the metal components?
Jing'an works with several supply chains to source the required metal stamping or insert.
Can Jing'an match the customer color requirements?
We can match any color requirements. We work with our material suppliers to provide exact colors matches.